I came to yoga from a life of running, bad posture, and a hip injury at birth.

I found a daily practice in Vinyasa flow, which combines athleticism, breath and relaxation. I noticed that yoga gave me a workout better than any other fitness routine, while also relieving stress and helping to face my day with a sharper mind.

Yoga taught me to understand my body through strength, flexibility, and self-acceptance. Today, I’m a Yoga Alliance registered teacher with studio and private clients throughout NYC.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Sonic Yoga, studying under the guidance of Lauren Hanna. I then studied prenatal/postnatal yoga at the Sonic Center for Yoga Studies.

My classes combine a nurturing, supportive environment with rigorous attention to alignment and anatomy. I promote a safe approach to fitness that supports all body types, and work to make yoga accessible for everyone. I’m also an advocate for women’s health, teaching yoga classes for women during and after pregnancy.


Fitness Without Injury

anagyoga_02 Yoga fitness is safe and all-inclusive. It targets the entire body.

Gyms and bootcamps often focus on select muscles, neglecting the bigger picture.
They can also push students too hard, creating injuries and bad posture.

Yoga brings balance.

Strong Body, Mighty Mind

Deep breaths are calming. So is yoga.

Yoga is a time-tested  system of exercise, breathing and meditation that
empowers us to perform better on a daily basis.

Nobody Is “Bad at Yoga”

Yoga is a process, not a goal. One succeeds by practicing regularly.

No matter your age, fitness level, or natural (in)flexibility, there’s a yoga practice out there for you.


Studio Schedule

Monday, 12pm: Beginners Vinyasa
1 hour
Google Office, Manhattan (employees only)

Monday, 6pm: Mixed-level Vinyasa
1 hour 15 minutes
YoGanesh (208 West 29th Street, b/n Seventh & Eight Avenue)

Saturday, 10:00am: Prana Vinyasa Flow 1 
1 hour 15 minutes
[Assisting senior Sonic staff teacher Jeffrey Duval]
Sonic Yoga (754 Ninth Avenue, b/n 50th & 51st Street)

Private Classes

I also provide private, one-on-one classes in the comfort of your home (or in a private rented studio).

Private classes allow even more attention to your body’s unique anatomy. Many challenging poses are learned best while working one-on-one. Private classes can also provide targeted skills like increased flexibility for runners, balance for rock climbers, and restorative poses for those healing from an injury.

Most of my students are beginners seeking to make yoga a regular part of their busy life, or women seeking prenatal/postnatal support.

Prenatal & Postnatal

Pregnancy is when you’re at your strongest, and when many women come to yoga for the first time. Carrying a baby is an exciting and transformative process for your body, and yoga provides wonderful support.

My prenatal classes aim to guide you through pregnancy’s physiological changes and prepare you for labor. After pregnancy, my classes focus on healing, building strength, and using tools like breathing and meditation to seal the empowering experience that this should be for every woman.



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Manhattan, New York City